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An Abundant Life Is Within Reach

Meet Vanessa

Certified Success Coach & Addiction Specialist

Vanessa, born and raised in Eastern Kentucky, was just a teenager when she first became addicted. Pills were the beginning of a slippery slope of addiction. After a 13 year long battle with drugs and alcohol, Vanessa has now been clean and sober since November 29, 2010.

Life after addiction has brought Vanessa a family of her own. She is married to her husband James, and together they have one son, Jacob. 


Throughout her recovery, Vanessa has worked in a recovery center, completed her bachelor's degree in psychology, held multiple directors positions within a treatment company, and worked as a success coach. She has squashed her limiting mindsets and old belief systems that contributed to her addiction, and now Vanessa wants to help you move past those old patterns and live out your abundant life!


What I Specialize In



Abundant Mindsets

Accelerated Life

Addiction Recovery Principles


“Addiction to Abundance” is not a simple cliché, it is a way of life. Vanessa showed me strategies to forgive myself and others. Those strategies allowed me to walk through new doors of opportunity that God had waiting for me. She taught me how to release years of pain, anger and frustration that had been keeping me in a destructive cycle. Today I am living the abundant life! I am finally happy with who God created me to be. Joy, peace, love and restoration are a part of my daily life.  Choose to walk in abundance, choose to be free and live the life you have always dreamed.”

- Megan E.

“Deciding to work with a life coach has been one of the best decisions I've made.  Being connected with the right coach is important, and I found that with Vanessa, she is amazing! With a personalized approach, not only did she help me bring to fruition the qualities I wanted my life to encompass, she taught me the steps to get there with obtainable goals.  With each obstacle Vanessa equipped me with techniques and tools to use in overcoming my negative self thoughts and limiting beliefs. My experience with Vanessa as a life coach has had an amazing ripple effect impact throughout my life.  Even though I had a good marriage, I desired it to be more. In my one on one sessions, Vanessa taught me how to open the communication barriers with my husband and the benefits have had a profound impact on us and our relationship. I am also now equipped with strategies to achieve and maintain healthy and balanced aspects of my life. If you are even remotely considering investing in a life coach, I promise it will be an awesome experience and your life will be abundantly blessed because of it.”

- Megan M.

“Working with Vanessa helped me gain awareness into what I think, feel, and need. As a result, I have been able to set healthy boundaries with others and develop better skills to change my life.”

- Missy E.

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