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About Addiction to Abundance

Addiction to Abundance is a movement for someone in recovery who is ready to release the limiting mindsets and embrace an abundant life! 

Addiction to Abundance Core Principles

After spending over a decade in addiction and now a decade in recovery, my passion to help others fast track their progress in life fully present.

One of the things I realized while in recovery is even though I wasn't using anymore I was still struggling with guilt, shame, fear and unworthiness. Although everything appeared to be moving forward and I was clean I still lacked something inside of me. I still hadn't found that abundant place within me. 

That's when I started deep diving into mindset work, hypnosis, coaching and consciousness. What I discovered has been life changing! And is now my mission to teach women just like me who are in recovery to fully recover. 

Let go of those old emotional concepts keeping you living in lack and move to an abundant life with me.

What you will learn and experience when working with me is directly correlated to my experiences and training. Learning to love, forgive, encourage and live abundantly are what has set my life ablaze. Living from a place of passion is what allows me to help others to discover and live out their passions too. We live in an abundant universe, yet often shackle ourselves into lack paradigms and then don’t know how to get out of them. 


It’s time to dig deep and experience the abundant life that you were promised. 

Check out the core class below.

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