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I’m loud, outgoing, and will take the lead in most all situations if there isn’t already a leader in place who is getting things done.

This kind of boldness is just in my DNA and comes easy for me.

An area of boldness where I have struggled is with speaking up for myself to get what I know deep down, I deserve.

Have you ever heard the statement, “People will treat you how you allow them to”?

I heard that statement 4-5 years ago and it was a hard, somber, and honestly maddening moment for me.

As I looked around at the relationships in my life, I realized that I had categorized myself as a victim in so many because I wasn’t being treated in ways that I desired to be treated.

As time went on, some of those relationships fell away, but the others that I knew were meant to be, I made the decision to share how I desired to be treated.

Some naturally evolved as I did, and they were easy. Others, it took work. It took hard moments of honesty and working through old patterns that I had helped to create.

Sometimes it ended in not speaking to each other for a bit because it was very uncomfortable for everyone in the situation.

I was very honest in the changes that I desired in my life and in my relationships and the people who truly loved and respected me, rose to the occasion and honored me as I honored myself.

Now, the relationships that I have are healthy and life giving.

I have casual relationships and I have deep relationships. I use discernment to help me to know which ones need to be each way. I have boundaries in my relationships and don’t tolerate people treating me the ways that are less than what I desire and know to be ok.

I’ve decided to be bold in this area of my life too, and everyone has benefitted from it.

Do you need to raise the bar of being bold in your life?

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