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Be your own biggest fan!

One of the key factors in my personal growth has been to love myself fully.

My old programming told me that I was bad and trying to get good. So I kicked that to the curb.

The longer I stayed stuck in old paradigms telling me how bad I was, the longer I stayed stuck in damaging mindsets that caused me to treat myself poorly.

No time for that, Queen 👑

I’ve learned to love every version of me.

Little Vanessa who just wanted to make the world a better place.

Young Vanessa who’s insecurities caused her to want to fit in so bad that she did anything to make that happen.

Addict Vanessa who did unimaginable things, yet was hurting and sad.

Vanessa in early recovery who was riddled by fear.

Awakened Vanessa who today knows her worth and LOVES herself fiercely.

I couldn’t leave out loving the versions of me that weren’t pleasant, because they inevitably made me who I am today.

I cheer myself on everyday and encourage myself to be brave, be strong, and do big things. Most of all, I enjoy being me!

I’ve learned to be my own biggest fan.

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