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Codependency 😑

I have always been independent. It never bothered me to be alone, yet I love to be around people.

I’ve always been a leader and because I didn’t really depend on others for anything, I would have never said that I struggled with codependency.

I had a truth bomb 💣 dropped in my lap a while back. Y’all, it shook me.

Even though I have never felt that I needed to have someone in my life in human form to complete me, I have lived my lifetime literally addicted to holding and carrying the emotions of others. -CODEPENDENCY-

I was honestly mad when I came to this realization after one of my coaching sessions with my coach.

As a child, I was the fixer. Trying to bring calm to the chaos. When someone was sad or upset, I for some reason, felt it was my responsibility to hold their emotions and fix things for them.

This need was still showing up in my life in every relationship that I have. This act is exhausting and not my responsibility at all. It’s a trauma response, and will suck the life right out of you.

Now that I know, it can be fixed. I’m working on it daily, to release myself from this pattern that I developed as a child.

Subconscious healing techniques and nervous system reprogramming have changed my life.

I keep peeling back the layers, teaching myself that I am safe to be me.

I am only responsible for my own emotions. I can witness others without taking on their pain. I am free to be me ❤️

Do you find yourself feeling responsible for others emotions?

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