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My Life Is As Good As I Allow It To Be

My life is as good as I allow it to be…

Those were the first words that I wrote in my journal yesterday. I sat with them for a moment, and saw them to be true.

I know today that I am a powerful creator and I am creating my current reality. This realization prevents me from spiraling in the old mindsets of victimization that I used to frequent so often.

My marriage sucks, it’s all his fault. My business isn’t producing what I want it to, must be the economy. I hate my job, the company needs to change. I’m so unhappy with life, I wish everyone around me would just be nice.

Sound familiar? You guys, I used to have those thoughts!! What the heck?

With marriage, it’s not his fault, it’s both of your faults. Own the parts that are yours and work on them, you will be amazed at the outcome. If your business isn’t producing, it’s YOU. You have to align with your highest self and makes the changes necessary. Don’t like your job? Change it, or change your attitude about the one that you have. People are treating your poorly? Truth is, people treat you how you LET them. If they don’t change, set a boundary and don’t allow them in.

You are not a victim in life, just like I wasn’t.

Remember, your life is as good as you allow it to be.

About The Author

Vanessa Keeton is a success coach and recovery specialist. Vanessa helps women in recovery go beyond limiting mindsets and live an abundant life. Check her out at

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