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Others Opinions…

Others opinions used to run my entire life. You wouldn’t think that since I didn’t appear to care at all when I was living a lifetime of addiction. Once I got sober, all of the opinions came crashing in on me.

What will he/she think of me?

What will he/she say about me?

Will he/she think that I’m worthy?

Do they think I’m good enough?

Allowing others opinions to determine my next move caused me to put my own integrity in jeopardy. The longer I spent being all the things for all the people, I lost myself.

I was lead by their opinion of me rather than my by heart.

I wasn’t standing for what I knew was right. Instead, for what I thought was right in their eyes.

As I began to heal and awaken to who I truly am, others opinions started to not matter as much. I became more confident in my decisions. I gave myself permission to be whoever I felt like being that day.

I am a multitalented, multi passionate, and multi focused gal. One day I might be passionate about animals and the next day about recovery.

You might hear be speaking about healing at any moment. I’ve given my permission to change my mind, awaken to my truths, and evolve my thoughts.

Living up to others opinions didn’t allow me to do any of this.

Today, I live for what lights me up, not what others think of me. I am free to be me.

Do you feel stuck living under others opinions of you?

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