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When I Used To Hate Myself...

I used to hate looking at old pictures of me. I used to hate the girl in those pictures. I was so disgusted by her. She was pitiful, yet I had no pity on her. She did things that I never want to talk about again. It wasn’t until I learned to forgive her and stopped running from who I used to be, when I truly found freedom in life. The longer I ran from who I was, the less whole I became. I don’t ever have to love the things that she did, but I have to love her. She, inevitably made me who I am today. Today I am whole, I am free, and I am absolutely living out an abundant life in every way possible. I am so grateful to have found the tools I required to step into living an abundant life and I am so grateful to share them with others.

About The Author

Vanessa Keeton is a success coach and recovery specialist. Vanessa helps women in recovery go beyond limiting mindsets and live an abundant life. Check her out at

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